As the School Board Member for District 1, Dr. Gallon is committed to and will provide strong, engaged and dependable leadership that will:

  • Increase educational opportunities and performance outcomes for all children.
  • Monitor the equitable and appropriate allocation and distribution of teaching and learning resources for all schools.
  • Demand support, increased compensation, and professional treatment for all educators and school personnel.
  • Facilitate parental and community access and responsiveness to school and district-related issues that impact student learning and safety.
  • Ensure the provision of safe, clean, and orderly schools for staff, students, and members of the community.
  • Promote and monitor fair, open, and equitable access to employment, career advancement, and business opportunities for all members of the district and community.

A Proven Track Record of Educational Leadership and Innovation

As an Educational Leader, Dr. Gallon:

    ✓ Improved student learning in reading, mathematics, science, and writing.
    ✓ Increased student graduation and promotion rates.
    ✓ Increased programs for honors and advanced placement.
    ✓ Increased programs for the arts and vocational, career, and technical education.
    ✓ Improve school discipline and safety.
    ✓ Decreased suspension rates.
    ✓ Promoted and expanded early childhood education programs.
    ✓ Expanded programs for at-risk and underperforming learners.
    ✓ Supported quality programs and resources for students with disabilities.
    ✓ Supported quality programs for gifted and talented students.
    ✓ Secured grants and increased funding for educational programs.
    ✓ Developed and implemented districtwide strategic plan.
    ✓ Increased parental and community engagement and partnerships.
    ✓ Expanded the provision and access to educational technology.