Women of Color Empowerment Institute Political Forum: School Board

A Look at the Numbers

*District 1 has the most F schools in Miami Dade County, 60% of ALL F schools are in District 1.

*There are ONLY 2 “A” schools in District 1. One serves a student population that comes largely from outside the school’s neighborhood (North Dade Center for Modern Languages).

*One of the District 1 middle schools has earned 4 letter grades of “F” in a row (Carol City Middle). Another District 1 middle school has earned a second F in a row (North Dade Middle).

*Less than 30% of high school students in District 1 are reading on grade level.

*Only 3 out of 23 schools had above fifty percent of 3rd grade students reading at or above grade level. This is a part of determining who gets retained.

*District 1 has the highest percentage of poor and Black students, yet has among the highest percentage of new teachers, according to an independent report.

*Blacks comprise over 20% of the County’s population, yet for years received less than 2% of district contracts from a near $5 Billion dollar entity.

Let’s stay focused on the real issues that affect our children and community and vote for change.

Our issues are in our backyard—-down the street, around the corner.

Our children and community deserve better. We have an educational issue. I am an educational leader.

The Choice for 2016: Change or more of the same.


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