[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Independent Parent Council School Board Forum: Excerpts

“Clearly, my candidacy has forced the conversation about the education of our schools in District 1, the closing of schools in the urban core such as Parkway Middle, the closure of alternative schools such as MacArthur, 500 Role Models, and Corporate Academy, as well as the replacing of experienced, veteran teachers with novice teachers who go through a 9-day bootcamp to teach the most neediest of our children who are a majority Black and poor.

Is that the “teacher rebellion” you’re referring to? Were those the teachers that you all “moved out”?

We also wouldn’t be talking about the fact that Carol City Middle has earned 5 straight F’s because the alarm wasn’t sounded last year when it earned its 4th.

And we are now publicly talking about the fact that Blacks make up nearly 25% of the population but for years had only been receiving less than 2% of district contracts. After having organizations like the Urban League, NAACP, ICARE, and UPPAC fight and a diversity study confirm the disparate treatment of Blacks on the economic side of the school district, we finally have a policy to address this issue.”

There’s been silence. This has been the status quo.

Let’s not talk. Vote!

The Choice for 2016: Change or more of the same.


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