CONTACT: Pavi’Elle Phillips


July 15, 2019

Miami-Dade County Public Schools District 1 School Board Member Dr. Steve Gallon III announced continued academic progress in District 1 schools with the release of the 2019 school grades by the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) on Friday, July 12, 2019. For the second consecutive year, District 1 has no F or D schools after having the highest number of failing schools in 2016.

The improvement of schools and student performance was a staple issue when Dr. Gallon, a lifelong educator who served as a teacher, principal, and Superintendent of Schools, campaigned and was decisively elected in November 2016. Previously, District 1 had the highest number of F schools in Miami-Dade County Public Schools.

In 2017, after Gallon was elected, District 1 eliminated its four F schools, including Carol City Middle which had a string of five straight F ratings from the FDOE. In 2018, the remaining D schools were eliminated. With the 2019 release of school grades, District 1 has no F or D schools for the second straight year, with several elementary schools such as Crestview, North Glade, and Scott Lake improving their letter grades to an A.

“We are extremely proud of the continued growth and progress of our schools in District 1. This year’s sustained progress and improvement confirms the work of our School Board, Superintendent, District and region staff, and more important, our principals, teachers, students, and parents. Despite this success, we shall not relent until all students achieve the highest level of proficiency. We will continue to be strategically intentional about teaching and learning in all District 1 schools.”

“The successful turnaround of our schools is not coincidental—-not episodic. Several things have continued to come together after November 2016, namely a sense of urgency and awareness around the need to improve, as well as a bold, unapologetic, and vocal rejection of mediocrity in our schools or the continued failure of our students,” Gallon stated.

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