I trust you have had a very smooth opening of schools and that this letter finds you comfortably settled in your space and work for the 2019-2020 school year. During this time, each of us serves witness to a renewed sense of hope, optimism, and opportunity to improve and support the learning and lives of our students and, in our respective place, positively touch and shape the future.
The Miami-Dade County Public Schools continues its mission and purpose of “giving our students the world.” Please know that we are only able to do so through the hands, heads, hearts, and on the shoulders of dedicated employees such as you.
As we continue through this school year, please know that your hard work, commitment, and most important, love of children fuel everything we do and seek to accomplish as the nation’s 4th largest public school district.
As your school board member, you are applauded, valued, and appreciated.
I wish you a tremendously positive, powerful, and productive school year and success in all of your endeavors.
Let’s go!
Steve Gallon III
Dr. Steve Gallon III, School Board Member, District 1