Dr. Gallon was proud to return to, Miami Northwestern Senior High, his Alma Mater and where he served as Principal for 7 years, to attend and celebrate the launching of the King Carter Trade and Logistics Academy at Miami Northwestern Senior High School. An additional academy has also been established at Miami Central Senior High School.
From tragedy to triumph, Dr. Gallon is humbled and honored that young King Carter’s legacy will empower young men and women with employment opportunities through the training they will receive at both schools.

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Dr. Gallon was extremely proud to support Miami Gardens Councilman Rodney Harris and his annual S.T.E.A.M. Competition. He was pleased to see so many students, parents, and educators come out and participate in a great educational and community event.

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Dr. Gallon was pleased to witness Tyler Perry bring a great message at the 25th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Breakfast hosted by the 5000 Role Models of Excellence. A member of the 5000 Role Model of Excellence Program for nearly 25 years, Dr. Gallon was proud to support Role Model Founder Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson and many other great leaders who were in attendance.

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Humbled and honored to have earned the admiration, love, and respect of so many, Dr. Gallon, who after nearly 30 years in education waved to the community who continued to shout “GALLON” to express their admiration, love, and respect for him during the Martin Luther King Day Parade in Miami’s Liberty City where he grew up, attended school, and served as as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal for nearly 20 years.

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Dr. Gallon honored leaders and members of the faith-based and community organizations that have actively participated and supported the District 1 Adopt-A-School Initiative.
This initiative was launched in District 1 in January 2017 and continues to provide support, assistance, and resources to District 1 schools, families, and children.