August 19, 2021

At the School Board Meeting of August 18, 2021, School Board Vice-Chair Dr. Steve Gallon III recognized Mark Zaher for his retirement after 36 years of dedicated service to the Miami-Dade County Public Schools. The item was unanimously co-sponsored.

Steve Gallon, Mark Zaher

Mr. Mark E. Zaher began his career with M-DCPS in 1985 as an Occupational Specialist at Miami Carol City Senior High School. In August of 1992, Mr. Zaher was promoted to Coordinator of the College Assistance Program (CAP). Years later Mr. Zaher was promoted to Director of School Operations/ Special Programs. His major areas of responsibility included the administration and supervision of the District’s Critical Incident Response Team (DIRCT); all school and daily District Critical Incident activities; natural disasters; all Juvenile Justice Support Programs (JJSO), known now as the Children’s Courthouse Education Liaison Office (CCELO), which serves as the conduit to the juvenile justice system for all delinquency, dependency (foster care), and family court programs. He was also responsible for the oversight of the Comprehensive Student Health Services and oversaw all COVID-19 related activities during the unprecedented pandemic.

Throughout his 36 years with the District, Mr. Zaher has been given some of the most challenging and atypical assignments. These assignments required District and community collaboration and innovation. He is known throughout the District and community as a visionary and is often referred to as the “Go to Guy” of the District. No matter how atypical or challenging the project or task, Mr. Zaher brought resolution and insight for best practices for future use. Mr. Zaher unwaveringly continues to be very passionate about his dedication to working with the most at-risk and fragile youth while giving them a voice when so many times they are forgotten.

“Mark Zaher has served on the frontlines of service to our District during its most critically urgent times,” said Dr. Gallon. “His dedication, humility, service, love, and passion for people in our district have been exemplary and are truly deserving of not only this recognition, but our most sincere gratitude for his decades of service.”

CONTACT: Pavi’Elle Phillips