May 22, 2023

At the School Board Meeting of May 17, 2023, the School Board approved agenda item H-7 proffered by Dr. Steve Gallon III, directing the Superintendent of Schools, in consultation with the Office of General Counsel, to review Policy 0165, including but not limited to Section H, Member Conferences and initiate rulemaking to provide clarity and ensure that Member Conferences are properly noticed on the “School Board” tab of the District website under Board Meeting Schedule,” said notice to include: the School Board Member who initiated the Member Conference; the location and time of the meeting; the subject or topic to be discussed; invitees and School Board Members whose attendance has been confirmed, where available.

Agenda item H-7 also requests that the School Board Recording Secretary is available for Member Conferences to facilitate the recording of the meeting and take required minutes, pursuant to statutory requirements and relevant School Board Policies. Additionally, School Board Members shall have the right to attend and may participate in any Member Conference, as stated in Policy 0165.

“As we must always operate in an open, transparent manner in matters that may affect and impact the public, I am grateful for my colleagues to embrace and respect this spirit of openness, transparency, and full compliance with the letter of the law,” said Dr. Gallon. “The approval of the item by a majority of my colleagues will ensure that any and all School Board Members are able to attend and participate in School Board Member Conferences, as allowable. Under current policy and required by law, and that the public remains fully informed of such meetings and are able to attend the same.”

To read the full item, click here: h7rev.pdf (