CONTACT: Pavi’Elle Phillips
September 27, 2019
School Board Member and CUBE Vice Chair Dr. Steve Gallon III welcomed CUBE 2019 attendees to the National Conference held in Miami September 26-28, 2019. M-DCPS Vice Chair Dr. Martin Karp, Superintendent Alberto Carvalho, and several other District staff members were in attendance. In addition, CUBE conference attendees visited two District schools, iPrep Academy and William H. Turner Technical Arts High School, as a part of the school site visit component of the conference.
The Council of Urban Boards of Education (CUBE) Annual Conference is designed to foster effective school district leadership through practical clinic sessions and peer-led district workshops. CUBE has convened school board members from across the nation for the past 51 years to network and share the continually evolving strategies they are using to address the unique educational challenges that exist in our nation’s urban centers.
Dr. Gallon reminded attendees that as school board members, leaders and educators, and stakeholders for students, that they must continue to unapologetically stand, speak, and fight for access to high quality education, opportunities, and outcomes for all students.
“Despite the thunderous, cacophonous roar and rallies against public education, especially in urban school districts serving children of color, powerful winds of possibility, potential, prosperity, and promise still blow. The power is in your hands, heads, and hearts. Use it. Your children and community are depending on you,” Dr. Gallon said.