April 9, 2018
Dr. Steve Gallon III, District 1 School Board Member was elected to the National Steering Committee of the Council of Urban School Boards of Education at its meeting held on Saturday, April 7, 2018, in San Antonio, Texas. After a review of his nomination information and a brief speech about his educational experience, background, and advocacy in urban education before school board members from around the country, Dr. Gallon was the only non-incumbent member elected to 1 of 4 seats in which he will serve a 3-year term and represent the Southern Region. He also became the first Miami-Dade County School Board member to be elected to CUBE’S Steering Committee in over a decade.
For 50 years, the Council of Urban Boards of Education has been at the forefront in helping urban school districts strive for excellence. Established in 1967 by NSBA’s Board of Directors, CUBE is a national membership organization guided by Steering Committee Members who represent a diverse group of urban school board members dedicated to the needs of children in urban centers, and who provide guidance and leadership to carry out the vision of CUBE.
CUBE’s mission is to create opportunities for urban school board leaders to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective policymakers and advocates for equity and excellence in public education and currently represents over 100 urban school districts in 32 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Its member districts educate nearly 8 million students in almost 12,000 schools with a collective budget of $99 billion.
CUBE helps urban school board leaders find solutions to challenges at the local level and seeks to improve their policy making effectiveness. CUBE creates a forum for urban school board members to share innovative practices through issues seminars, conferences, legislative advocacy, research projects, professional networking opportunities, specialized publications, and local governance and policy assistance. For more information: