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There are those who seek to politicize the education and salvation of our children, especially young Black males. They do so at their own spiritual and moral peril.

And they do so while too many young black males continue to die on the streets.

In 1992, Commissioner Dr. Barbara Carey-Shuler established a program called AESOP for Black males in four schools throughout the District. I was chosen to be a part of it and establish it in Liberty City. Nearly 25 years later, young Black males continue to die on the streets.

In 2005, I led the establishment of four single gender schools for at-risk students, in which the population of at-risk students in Dade County was nearly 70 percent Black males.

Despite their documented success, these schools, along with MacArthur North and the 500 Role Models of Excellence School were closed. As I was away as Superintendent, I understand that no one said a mumbling word. Young Black males continue to die on the streets.

In 2013, I was asked to lend my support to the only PUBLIC elementary all boys charter school in South Florida, serving Black boys in the urban core. As an educator purely concerned with the education, salvation, and uplift of our children, I did.

Today, as I stood proudly as these young men, celebrated their promotional exercise, I offered no apology to those whose political views are misguided and factually incorrect.

I embraced the success, milestone, and hugs of these young Black boys—striving to be men—who stood, spoke, and sung about tasting success.

And I thought about those who play politics over education—who choose convenience over conviction and commitment when it comes to our children. While too many young Black males continue to drop out of school and die on the streets.

I thanked God that I am an educator and not a career politician, dedicated to children and simply not that dude!

I’m the one that for 26 years have spoken, stood, and fought in the “educational paint” so our children can be educated, rise, and live!

The Choice for 2016: Change or more of the same.


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