I hope that this edition of Gallon’s Good News finds each of you and your family on a successful journey through the school year. As the Holiday Season fast approaches and the school year moves forward, let’s continue to embrace a spirit and commitment of hope, optimism, and love for learning.
Please know that we continue to recognize that the great work of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools has and continues to be achieved on the backs of each you as a stakeholder and supporter of public education.
Again, I am honored and humbled to personally thank you all for the tremendous work you continue to do on behalf of our students and community.
Let’s go!
Steve Gallon III
School Board Member, District 1


October 2, 2019 Board Meeting



At the October 2, 2019 School Board Meeting, Dr. Gallon was actively engaged in his role as a policy maker as he successfully proffered a School Board agenda item that received approval and support from the Board.
Dr. Gallon’s item addressed the following:
B-7: Request Approval of Resolution NO. 19-053 of the School Board of Miami-Dade County, Florida, Recognizing Breakthrough Miami for their Years of Service and Commitment to the Miami-Dade County Public Schools
(to read more on this item, please click on the link below)
H-3: Together for Children
(to read more on this item, please click on the link below)
Recognizing Breakthrough Miami
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At the October 2, 2019 School Board Meeting, Dr. Gallon was proud to recognize and celebrate the outstanding work of Breakthrough Miami who has been providing opportunities to under-served communities and students who face real social, educational, financial, and economic barriers to learning, college, and life-long success.
He congratulated the entire Breakthrough Miami team for their work since 1991.
To learn more, go to:
For more information on the work in District 1, go to:
Verizon Innovation Schools Program Launch
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There was great energy and excitement the morning Dr. Gallon visited Andover Middle School to celebrate the Verizon Innovation Schools Program Launch held on October 3, 2019.
All students received a mobile technology device as well as 2 years service through Verizon.
This will enable the students to stay connected to educational technology beyond school and continue to address the access, resource, and opportunity gaps as they relate to technology for many students.
Lake Stevens Middle School in District 1 was also a recipient.
Dr. Gallon gave congratulations to Andover Middle and saluted Principal Kenneth Williams for his leadership and transformation of the school.


Buccaneers Senior Citizens Meeting

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Dr. Gallon attended the Buccaneers Senior Citizen’s Meeting on October 4, 2019 and provided them with updates and upcoming events in District 1.




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On October 5, 2019, Dr. Gallon starting his morning with District 1 students at the Inaugural District 1 College Preparation Hack-a-Thon preparing students for the college and university admission process.
The day ended with presenting three $1,000.00 scholarships to participating students from District 1.
Census 2020 Meetingz
Dr. Gallon was at the October 7, 2019 Miami-Dade County Census 2020 Task Force meeting as he was actively engaged in his role as Vice Chair.
Senior Meeting
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On October 11,2019, Dr. Gallon spoke with seniors in District 1 to update them on the progress of schools and student learning in District 1, as well as to discuss continued challenges and opportunities to ensure educational and economic equity.
Saturday Night Lights
Dr. Gallon showed his support for the Norland Senior High School Vikings at Saturday Night Lights held at Nathaniel Traz Powell Stadium on October 12, 2019.
District 1 Student of the Month Recognition Ceremony
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On Tuesday, October 15, 2019 Dr. Gallon hosted his monthly student of the month recognition ceremony at North Dade Middle School. At the first meeting of the 2019-2020 school year, in addition to recognizing one student from each school, Dr. Gallon recognized all District 1 schools that improved a letter grade, as well as three high school students who received $1000 scholarships at his Inaugural Hack-a-thon College Prep event.

Students, parents, teachers, administrators and several community partners attended the celebration designed to recognize the success of students in District 1. Students were honored for a multitude of reasons including academic achievement, attendance, and positive attitudes in the pursuit of learning. Each student received a certificate of achievement, a medallion, a family pass to the Miami Museum, and a special treat.

Pastoral Anniversary
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Dr. Gallon showed his support at the Pastoral Anniversary for his good friend, community leader and servant, Moderator Pastor Johnny Barber on October 20, 2019.
He congratulated him for his 17 years of powerful pastoral leadership to the congregation of Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church.
5000 Role Models of Excellence Project New Member Tie Tying Ceremony
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Dr. Gallon was honored and humbled to give greetings and motivational words to the young men at the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project New Member Tie Tying Ceremony held at North Miami Senior High School on October 24, 2019.
“It continues to be a tremendous blessing to pour into these young men words of encouragement, inspiration, guidance, experience, and wisdom,” said Dr. Gallon.
He also gave kudos to Congresswoman Frederica S. Wilson for her continued vision and leadership in this important endeavor.
To view more footage on this event, please click on link below:
Alpha Kappa Alpha South Atlantic Region Cluster 1 Conference
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On October 26, 2019, Dr. Gallon was humbled and honored to give greetings and a message on purpose and the power of partnership and working with schools, students, and communities at the Alpha Kappa Alpha South Atlantic Region Cluster 1 Conference.
“Ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha, I know that you are more than just pretty in pink. You represent powerful women of purpose since 1908…111 years.. In your respective chapters, communities, and centers of service you too can make a difference and positive impact.”-Dr. Steve Gallon III
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