Dr Steve Gallon III Newsletter

August 2018 Newsletter

Greetings, I hope that this edition of Gallon's Good News finds each of you in the excitement, hope, and promise of the 2018-2019 school year. As we have successfully welcomed back our students, I trust we have done so with an unabated commitment and passion to help them realize and achieve even higher levels of learning and life-long success. As you continue to do this work, I encourage that you will do so with a spirit of dedication, integrity, and resiliency in your personal and professional endeavors. Have a positive, productive, and powerful 2018-2019 school year. Let’s go! Educationally, Steve Gallon III.
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Dr. Steve Gallon III’s District 1 March 2018 Newsletter

At the March 21, 2018 School Board Meeting, Dr. Gallon was actively engaged in his role as a policy maker as he successfully proffered one School Board agenda item that received an unanimous vote of approval and support from the Board. Dr. Gallon's item addressed the following: H-7: Amendment to Policy 6840 (to read more on this item, please click on the link below) http://pdfs.dadeschools.net/Bdarch/2018/Bd032118/agenda/H7.pdf Louie Bing Athletic Scholarship Fund Dr. Gallon had the honor to serve as Keynote Speaker for the 32nd Annual Louie Bing Jr. Scholarship Awards Recognition Dinner where he congratulated the honorees and the Louie Bing Athletic Scholarship Fund for their continued support.
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