CONTACT: Pavi’Elle Phillips
At the June 20, 2018 School Board Meeting, Dr. Steve Gallon III, District 1 School Board Member will propose Agenda Item H-11, 2018 Hurricane Season Preparation Update, which was co-sponsored by Board Members Dr. Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall and Marie Teresa Rojas.
Miami-Dade County Public Schools plays a critically significant role in the pre-hurricane preparation and evacuation process in Miami-Dade County in not only the provision of  facilities to serve as evacuation shelters to displaced residents seeking refuge, but in the leadership of its School Board, superintendent, district staff, principals and school administrators, food service workers, custodians, bus drivers, and numerous employees who commit time, energy, and efforts to ensuring the safety and security of those in one of the shelters. Their willingness to lead, render service, and unselfishly support those in need, are depended upon and commended by members of this community.
Last year, Miami-Dade County experienced the tremendous impact of Hurricane Irma, which was one of the strongest and most devastating hurricanes since Hurricane Dean in 2007 in terms of maximum sustained winds. It was one of the strongest and most intense to strike the United States since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. In fact, in the U.S., state of emergencies were declared in Florida, Georgia, and North and South Carolina. As Miami-Dade County and throughout the world would witness, Hurricane Irma would cause widespread and catastrophic damage throughout its lifetime, particularly in parts of the Caribbean and the Florida Keys.
As June 1, 2018 marked the official start of the 2018 Hurricane Season, local, state, and federal agencies have begun reviewing, revising, and communicating their respective hurricane preparedness plans to various stakeholders. Therefore, it is prudent, that in light of the lessons learned from Hurricane Irma, as well as the leadership actions taken by the School Board and Superintendent, that a clear, concise, yet, comprehensive update be provided.
This item directs the Superintendent to provide an update to the Board, via a presentation, on any new, revised, and/or enhanced plans for the pre-hurricane preparation and evacuation process that resulted from post-Hurricane Irma Board items approved by the School Board and those which may have been developed and adopted by the Superintendent.
The next School Board Meeting is Wednesday, June 20, 2018 at 11:00 a.m., in the School Board Administration Building Auditorium at 1450 Northeast Second Avenue, Miami, FL 33132.