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December 7, 2018

At the December 19, 2018 School Board Meeting, Board member Dr. Steve Gallon III will proffer Board Item H-11 which calls for a review of the FHSAA Classification of High School Athletic Programs. This item was released as several high schools across the state prepare to compete for FHSAA State football titles.


The Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) is committed to students’ participation in interscholastic sports. In doing so, it recognizes athletics as a mainstay of school districts, schools, and more important, the learning and life experiences of students.


Participation in high school athletics provides countless benefits to students. One widely known benefit is the exposure of student-athletes to increased opportunities for athletic scholarships for higher education. It is also known that such increased opportunities come from competing at the highest level and on the largest stage. In high school athletics a state or “mythical” national championship represents the pinnacle of success for high school competitive sports. Such an ascension to compete in, let alone win a state championship instills a sense of pride within the school and throughout the District and communities served. However, any competition that is either “unfair” or outside of the classification criteria set forth in the bylaws of the FHSAA must be examined, addressed, and corrected.


Presently, member schools are classified pursuant to the provisions outlined in FHSAA Policy 12.2, Classification Criteria. For “Existing Member Schools,” classification is determined “on the basis of the school’s traditional and non-traditional student population in the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grades combined as reported during the week in October designated by the Florida Department of Education for the fall semester FTE survey of public schools. Each member school shall be responsible for reporting to the FHSAA its student population as required.”


Therefore, the item seeks to direct the Superintendent to review district schools’ compliance and alignment with FHSAA bylaws and guidelines for classification of member schools, review and discuss findings with a Task Force comprised of principals, athletic directors, and coaches, as well as members of the District Athletic Advisory Committee and Greater Miami Athletic Conference, and provide guidance and direction to ensure appropriate alignment with School Board Policy and related guidelines stipulated in FHSAA.


“This item, if approved by the board, will square the classifications of High School athletic programs with current enrollment levels pursuant to FHSAA policies and related bylaws. It may also be the first step in eliminating the competitive cannibalism among numerous District athletic programs and increase the number of schools eligible to compete for and pursue State Titles,” Dr. Gallon stated.


The item will be initially discussed at the Personnel Committee Meeting to be held on December 12, 2018.


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