I hope that this edition of Gallon’s Good News finds each of you in the excitement, hope, and promise of the 2018-2019 school year. As we have successfully welcomed back our students, I trust we have done so with an unabated commitment and passion to help them realize and achieve even higher levels of learning and life-long success.
As you continue to do this work, I encourage that you will do so with a spirit of dedication, integrity, and resiliency in your personal and professional endeavors.
Have a positive, productive, and powerful 2018-2019 school year.
Let’s go!
Steve Gallon III
School Board Member, District 1
August 15, 2018 Board Meeting
At the August 15, 2018 School Board Meeting, Dr. Gallon was actively engaged in his role as a policy maker as he successfully proffered a School Board agenda item that received the approval and support from the Board.
Dr. Gallon’s item addressed the following:
B-3: Resolution No.18-054 of The School Board of Miami-Dade County, Florida, recognizing Mr. Freddie Woodson.
(to read more on this item, please click on the link below)
On August 1, 2018, Dr. Gallon had the honor to provide the keynote address on social justice, perseverance, faith, and leadership to the student leaders at the Miami-Dade Economic Advisory Trust (MDEAT) Teen Court Summer Youth Leadership Program held at St. Thomas University.
Biscayne Gardens Civic Association
Dr. Gallon was humbled and honored to speak to the Biscayne Gardens Civic Association at their meeting to provide educational updates and the current status of the Biscayne Gardens/Thomas Jefferson Middle General Obligation Bond Construction Project.
Dr. Gallon will be in attendance at the upcoming meeting being held on Thursday, October 4, 2018 at 7:00 PM to provide more updates.
NBC6 Café Kick Off Tax Free Weekend
On August 3, 2018, Dr. Gallon had a great morning with NBC Channel 6, United Way, and Communities in Schools to discuss the importance of students having the required supplies for Back to School and how the community can help those less fortunate.
“Next to the Holiday Season, Back to School brings out and represents the best of who we are as a community in our giving and support of our children’s education. And as a former classroom teacher, I know the positive impact this has on a student’s learning and success throughout the year,” said Dr. Gallon.
Education Enrichment Resource Fair
Dr. Gallon was proud to join the Association of Haitian Educators of Dade and Councilman Philippe Bien-aime at the Back to School Educational and Resource Fair held at North Miami Public Library on August 4, 2018.
Back to School Community Event
Dr. Gallon attended an outstanding Back to School event in Miami Gardens with parents, educators, children, community partners, members of the community, and Pastor Richelle of Jesus People Ministries Church International.
It is always a pleasure for Dr. Gallon to join residents and stakeholders as they embark upon a new school year of learning and excitement.
2018 District 1 Faith-Based & School Partnership Luncheon
Dr. Gallon celebrated the success of the past and challenged greater success in the future at the 2018 District 1 Faith-Based and School Partnership Luncheon. He remains very proud of the collegiality, commitment, and community of District 1’s principals, pastors, and partners as they work collectively to improve schools and uplift their community.
Superintendent’s Opening of the Schools Address
Dr. Gallon shared his excitement, enthusiasm, and energy as Miami-Dade County Public Schools geared up for the 2018-2019 school year at the Superintendent’s Opening of the Schools Address.
He is very proud of the work in M-DCPS and beams even more over the progress and success achieved in District 1.
Recognizing Mr. Freddie Woodson
Dr. Gallon stood humbled and honored to present a Board Recognition to Mr. Freddie Woodson for his over 40 years of dedicated leadership and service to Miami-Dade County Public Schools.
Mr. Woodson proudly served as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, Region Superintendent, and Deputy Superintendent of School Operations from which he retired.
“Mr. Woodson, I am humbled and honored to welcome you back home to the house that your work and service help build. For the remainder of this presentation, take my seat and enjoy the view.” – Dr. Steve Gallon III
Circle of Fathers Town Hall
Dr. Gallon is always on deck to support his friends and brother and sister Tracey Martin and Sybrina MsCandy Fulton with the Trayvon Martin Foundation’s Circle of Fatherhood.
Recently, Dr. Gallon spoke on the critically important role and responsibility that fathers have in the education of their children at the Circle of Fathers Town Hall.
He also gave kudos to Miramar’s Mayor Wayne M. Messam for the great accommodations and hosting of this event.
Red for Education Teacher Rally
As a former teacher, assistant principal, principal, district administrator, Superintendent of Schools, and current elected School Board Member for District 1, Dr. Gallon was excited to stand and speak on behalf of public education at the Red for Education Rally held at Betty T. Ferguson Recreational Complex on August 19th.