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February 2020 Issue

I hope this February 2020 Newsletter finds you well. I continue to remain humbled and honored to serve as your school board member for District 1.
February was a very exciting month in which we celebrated Black History Month and the achievements and contributions of African Americans throughout history. Many were a result of not only African Americans, but people from all races, creeds, and colors that believed in the commonality of our humanity and right for equality, justice, and decency to be afforded to all. This spirit is shared by all of us as members of M-DCPS in which our commonality is the education of our students.
As we continue to move forward, let’s keep our common goal, commitments, and love for children at the forefront of all we do.
Thanks for all you do.
Let’s go!
Steve Gallon III
School Board Vice Chair, District 1
February 12, 2020 Board Meeting
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At the School Board Meeting held on February 12, 2020 Dr. Gallon was proud to recognize and congratulate the 2020 Wilson Scholars of the 5000 Role Models of Excellence Project.
Also, he proudly recognized and honored Ms. Kalyn Lee from Miami Carol City Senior High School as Miami-Dade County Public Schools Rookie Teacher of the Year.
To read more on this item, please click on the link below:
B-6: Request For Approval Of Resolution No. 20-006 Of The School Board Of Miami-Dade County, Florida, Recognizing The 5000 Role Models Of Excellence Project Class Of 2020 Wilson Scholars
H-20: That The School Board Of Miami-Dade County Recognize Kalyn Lee For Being Named 2020 Francisco R. Walker Rookie Teacher Of The Year
Trayvon Martin Peace Walk
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On February 8, 2020, Dr. Gallon spent his morning at the Trayvon Martin Peace walk to support the legacy of Trayvon Martin and take a stand against gun violence, racism, and brutality.
He cheered on Norland Middle School and Miami Carol City Senior School marching bands who participated in the event as well.
African Methodist Episcopal Church South Conference Meeting
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Dr. Gallon had a great time speaking with leadership and membership at the African Methodist Episcopal Church South Conference Meeting.
He was truly honored and humbled to speak about the role of the church and ministry in the education of the children and uplift of the community.
District 1 Pastors & Principals Luncheon
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Dr. Gallon had a great afternoon at the District 1 Pastors and Principals Luncheon held on February 11, 2020 at the Islamic Center of Greater Miami-Masjid Miami Gardens. In its third year, the District 1 Adopt-a-School Initiative has become a great model of how schools and faith-based organizations can successfully work together on the behalf of students.
117th Florida East Coast Baptist Conference Session
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Dr. Gallon was humbled and honored to extend greetings and remarks on behalf of the Miami-Dade County School Board at the 117th Florida East Coast Baptist Conference Session.
“We were tremendously blessed to join Pastor Dr. Arthur Jackson and the many powerful pastoral leaders representing our community, state, and nation,” said Dr. Gallon.
4th Annual Black History Showcase-D1Chella
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Brilliance, creativity, and talent were on full display on Tuesday, February 18, 2020 as Dr. Steve Gallon III held his 4th Annual District 1 Black History Showcase. This year’s show entitled “D1 Chella” celebrated Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s) and Black Fraternities and Sororities which wowed the audience of over 500 that was in attendance. The Emcee was District 1 and Andover Middle School’s very own— 8th grader Ramaria St-Hilaire. Along with event partner, Miami Gardens Councilwoman Katrina Wilson, attendees included Miami Gardens Mayor Oliver Gilbert, Councilmen David Williams and Reggie Leon, North Region Superintendent Jose Bueno, UTD Vice President Antonio White, and Region and school administrators. A host of students, parents, educators, and community supporters were also in attendance.
The filled auditorium of people sat in awe of the amazing talent showcased by students from Golden Glades Elementary, North Dade Center for Modern Languages, Parkview Elementary, Rainbow Park Elementary, Scott Lake Elementary, Norland Middle School, Carol City Middle School, Ricky Danco Dance Company, North Miami Senior High, Miami Norland Senior High, Jan Mann 5000 Role Models, and the host school, Miami Carol City Senior High. Performances included Dance, Chorus, Spoken Word, Drama, Jazz Band, Drumlines, and Step.
A special visual presentation was featured reflecting on the past and highlighting the present status of HBCU’s and the Divine 9. Reflective of the song “It’s Not Over” , the presentation was inspiring and heartfelt.
The showcase received a long and resounding standing ovation at the end and continuous praise by everyone as they exited the auditorium.
To view highlights from the show, click the video link below:
United Way Employee & Student Campaign Awards Ceremony
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Dr. Gallon extended greetings and congratulations to the 2020 M-DCPS/United Way Campaign Winners.
He was proud to salute the students, employees and schools for their contribution to the United Way and to countless throughout our community.
Interview for “Heroes of a 1000 Faces”
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On February 19, 2020, Dr. Gallon was interviewed for a television series named “Heroes of a 1000 Faces.”
This docuseries will focus on the personal and professional journeys of black men in hopes of creating a different, more positive narrative and inspiring a new generation of male youth.
Dr. Gallon wants you to stay tuned.
Black History Month @ North Dade Center for Modern Languages
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Dr. Gallon spoke on faith, perseverance, and strength in the context of Black History at North Dade Center of Modern Languages.
UPPAC Meeting
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Dr. Gallon spent his Saturday morning providing District 1 updates at the UPPAC Meeting held on February 22, 2020.
Honoring Pastors’ Ranzer & Rhonda Thomas
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On February 23, 2020, Dr. Gallon had a great start of the morning at New Generation Missionary Baptist Church honoring Pastors Ranzer and Rhonda Thomas for their leadership in the ministry, community, and education.
He thanked them for their unwavering support and dedication to District 1.
Mighty Men’s Mentoring Ministry’s 1st Annual Black History Luncheon
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Dr. Gallon was honored and humbled to serve as the Black History Month Speaker for the New Way Fellowship Church’s Male Mentoring Program.
He gave congratulations to all of the young men who participated and to all of the adults who support and invest in their growth and development.
Pastoral Anniversary for Pastor Ronnie Wallace
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Dr. Gallon gave a huge congratulations to Pastor Ronnie Wallace, Sr. on his 1st Pastoral Anniversary as Pastor of Greater New Bethel Baptist Church.
FCAA 36th Annual Black Achievers of Excellence Awards Luncheon
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Dr. Gallon was humbled and honored to have served as the Honorary Chairman of the FCAA 36th Annual Black Achievers of Excellence Awards Luncheon.
He was also honored to stand in support to salute Black men and women in the community who are committed to service and bringing positive role models for the youth.
He saluted the Board and FCAA President Terry Joseph for their leadership and dedication and gave congratulations to all of the 2020 honorees.
Donation to Carol City Middle
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Dr. Gallon believes that the investment of time, talent, and treasure helps to improve and strengthen schools and advance the learning of students.
He saluted Miami Gardens Councilman David Williams for his unwavering support and commitment to Carol City Middle School.
On February 26, 2020, Councilman Williams presented a donation of $2,000.00 to the girls dance group while at the same time securing and working with community partners in expanded school beautification projects.
Dr. Gallon appreciates the generosity and support of all who lean into the real work of helping schools and students.
2020 AFSCME Employee of the Year
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Dr. Gallon was pleased to support and congratulate the winners of the 2020 AFSCME Employee of the Year Awards.
He truly appreciates all of the hard work and dedication shown by members of AFSCME who support students and schools each day.
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